How Mindful Eating Freed Me

About 10 years ago, while living as an expat in Shanghai, I learned the power of mindful eating. I was spending a lot of time with European colleagues and friends, We were living the expat life: working crazy hours, eating out all the time, partying at night, and sleeping in on the weekends. It was a really good time, but much to my horror, I seemed to be the only person putting on weight. That was despite logging excessive hours at the gym. It was very frustrating!

I started to pay closer attention and noticed that my European friends ate differently than me. While they never called it "mindful eating," that is exactly what they did. They ate slowly, enjoyed their meals with others, didn't snack, and were extremely good at practicing moderation. I wanted what they had (and to stop gaining weight!), so I started emulating their practices and asking questions about their food traditions.

It turns out that Europeans are not genetically wired to moderate their food intake better than us Americans. They are brought up with multitudes of cultural norms around eating. These unspoken rules provide structure and guidance around how much to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. That structure promotes healthful eating practices and therefore, a healthful population.

The US on the other hand, is a crazy, beautiful, and diverse country filled with lots of different cultures and traditions. Unfortunately, when it comes to eating, this cultural blending has resulted in a country where everything goes, including the Taco Bell 4th meal and snacking at all hours. This has led to the US ranking the 12th fattest population in the world, with an obesity rate nearing 40% (36.2%). Most European countries are in the low 20's, as in about 20% of their populations are obese.

Clearly, mindful eating is not something that us Americans are innately good at doing. We like to go hard in all aspects of our lives and struggle to enjoy the present moment. When it comes to diet, we eat and drink like the world's gonna implode tomorrow. Then, we try to make up for it with extreme dieting and exercise. It's this crazy roller coaster that we put our bodies through again, and again, and again. Unfortunately, this approach usually ends up in gradual weight gain over time, and an unhealthy relationship with food. It is extremely frustrating and disheartening to get locked in this cycle.

Here is the good news, it is completely possible to change this pattern. How I do know? Well, I have been there. Though I did have my weight under control through dieting and exercise in my early 20's, it was a constant battle and I spent soooo much time trying to burn calories in the gym. That is time that I would not have now that I am a mom. Thank goodness that I mastered mindful eating when I did!

When I learned how to mindfully eat, all of sudden, it became easy to maintain my desired body weight. Perhaps more importantly, I felt free. I was no longer a slave to the gym or obsessing about calories or beating myself up for not being self-disciplined enough. I want that for everyone.

So I have put together 4 week long mindful eating course. If you are someone that wants to improve your relationship with food and maintain a healthy weight without dieting or exercise, then this is for you!

4 Week Mindful Eating Course (Sept 5-Oct 3)

What is Included: During the course, I walk you through the principles of mindful eating and provide you with tools and exercises for implementing it and ultimately, making it second nature.

When do we Meet: We meet from 8pm-8:40pm Sunday nights on Zoom beginning September 5th. There is a weekly check in on the group FB page on Wednesday evenings from 8pm-9pm. We can compare notes and experiences around the weekly mindful eating exercise.

What to Expect:: To experience the incredible benefits of mindful eating and free yourself from a negative relationship with food. Some of the most common benefits include:

  1. Weight loss

  2. Improved digestion

  3. Reduced bloating

  4. Better relationship with food

  5. More pleasure from food and beverage

  6. Improved sleep

  7. Greater self control around eating

Though this is a group course, I want to be able to provide personal coaching and individual feedback. Therefore, I will cap the class at 10 participants. If you are interested, make sure to claim your spot now! Cost for the 4 week course (live education sessions, tools, workbook, and weekly check-ins) is $199.00.

Email me at if you are ready to begin your journey and take advantage of the power of Mindful Eating!

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