Date & Mulberry Energy Balls

As a busy mom and business owner, I am always looking for quick, yet healthy, ways to feed myself and my family. I feel like we've got dinner nailed. My husband and I take turns cooking it takes 30 minutes to roast potatoes, steam vegetables and bake/grill/pan sauté a protein. That is our basic formula, and with all of the different possible variations, we don't get bored. To snazz it up, we love Primal Kitchen Mayo. It's a bit pricey, but totally worth it. It's made with amazing ingredients, and makes pretty much anything taste delicious! If you haven't tried dunking crispy, roasted potatoes in mayo, you are missing out on one of the greatest pleasure in life. My Dutch husband has got me hooked on mayo,... what can I say?

Snack time is another story. Most healthy snack foods that are available at the grocery store (aside from fruit, veggie sticks, and nuts) are outrageously overpriced. I have a hard time stomaching the price tag, especially when I know I could make most of them myself! Also annoying is that many of the better options still contain additives to keep them fresh for longer, so that they can sit on the grocery store shelves until some time starved parent grabs them.

Energy balls are one of my favorite solutions to this problem. They are so yummy, easy to make, and packed full of nutrition. What's not to love? Even if you are strapped for time, you can pull this recipe together in 20 minutes on the weekend and have enough stored to last you for months... unless, you have voracious kids like I do!

Last week, Fynn and I whipped up this recipe. The dates give these bites a creamy mouthfeel and delicious sweetness. I also love the earthiness that comes from the coconut and mulberries. A couple of these make for a great post workout snack, since they contain added protein and complex carbs. You want protein for muscle repair and carbs for rebuilding the glycogen that you just burned in your muscles. One of these also nips my sweet tooth in the bud if I am craving a treat! If you are awesome alongside a cup of coffee or tea. ☕

While we are on the topic of sweets cravings, I would like to share that I am starting a Mindful Eating group course in September. Mindful eating is an incredibly powerful practice that has been shown to result in weight loss without the need for calorie counting or dieting. If you are someone that wants to...

  1. Lose weight

  2. Get control of cravings

  3. Improve your relationship with food

  4. Learn to truly enjoy meal and snack times

Then this program would be a great fit for you. I will post details on the blog next Monday.

Now for the recipe! If you find these are too sweet, you can add additional chopped nuts, nut butter, cacao nibs, and coconut shavings to increase the fat to carb ratio. This recipe is super versatile, so have fun playing around with the ingredients.

Date & Mulberry Energy Balls


· 16oz pitted dates, finely chopped

· 2 Tablespoons of Water

· 1/2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

· 1 Cup Coconut Sugar

· ¼ Cup Vanilla Protein Powder

· 1 Heaping Cups Mulberries, chopped

· 1/4 Cup Coconut Shreds + additional for rolling


1. Combine dates, water, coconut oil, and coconut sugar in a pan and cook on low-medium heat for about 10 minutes. You will want to frequently stir and mash the ingredients until you get a bubbly, delicious, sticky paste.

2. Scrape your date mixture into a large mixing bowl and stir in the remaining ingredients.

3. Now be prepared to get gooey, sticky hand! Scoop-up the mixture in 1 tbsp sized portions and roll around in coconut shavings to create individual balls. You could also roll them in hemp seeds or chopped nuts.

4. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks or freeze for 3-4 months.

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