Hi there! I am Allison, a holistic nutrition coach, dedicated to helping you look and feel your best through delicious foods!


  • Gut Health

  • Paleo Diet

  • Anti-inflammatory Diet

  • Food sensitivities

  • Weight Loss


I was born and raised in Alpharetta, GA. For as long as I can remember, I was obsessed with health food, nature, and sustainable living. 

Despite my passion for nutrition, I couldn't imagine how I could turn my love for it into an actual job. So I began my career in the hospitality business selling catering and convention space to large organizations. I quickly saw the travel, business dinners, and long hours behind the desk starting to take a toll on my health. After a diagnosis of IBS and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and no help other than Thyroid medication, I decided to take my health into my own hands; I went back to school and earned a 4 year degree in nutrition and dietetics at Kansas State University.


Since then, I have stopped my autoimmune disease from progressing, made a full recovery from the IBS symptoms that I once suffered, and vastly improved my overall health by making dietary and lifestyle changes.


Over the past 7 years, I have helped countless others to do the same through nutrition & health coaching practices in Shanghai, Dubai, and the Netherlands. For several years, I trained at Your Health Coach, an orthomolecular health coaching practice in Amsterdam. There, I learned about functional lab-work and saw what a game changer it was for many people who had been struggling with weight and other health concerns over the years. I am now a big advocate for testing when dietary and lifestyle change has failed to get results.


In addition, I have worked with corporate clients such as Hard Rock Café, Hilton Hotels, Disney UK, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Kush Restaurant Chain, and BBC Good Food, to improve the nutrition in their recipes, conduct staff trainings on food safety, and provide nutritional content for their marketing communications.


When it comes to personal consultations, I take a very individual approach, understanding that everyone’s biochemistry is unique and requires different inputs in order to operate optimally. And despite a conventional dietetics degree, I have learned through experience that achieving health and maintaining a healthy weight does not come from blindly following governmental dietary recommendations and calorie counting. It comes from choosing the right foods for your constitution and lifestyle, getting cravings under control, uncovering underlying issues, developing a healthy relationship with what you eat, and living a generally healthy lifestyle.

I am now very excited to work at Back to Balance Wellness Center in Alpharetta. We are a passionate and committed team of wellness professionals working together to help you feel your best. If you would like to learn more about working with me and my services, I would love to chat. Just send me a message and we will schedule your free 30 minute Lose Weight and End Bloat Breakthrough session.