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I help women lose weight by showing them how to create a balanced diet, make impactful behavior change, cultivate mindfulness, and overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

I believe that we all deserve to feel great, love our bodies, enjoy food without regrets, and have loads of energy to play, exercise, and go after our dreams. Unfortunately, that can be difficult, if not impossible, if we are struggling with emotional eating, food cravings, low energy, digestive issues, and poor self-confidence. Trust me, I have been there!

It took me many years to learn how to eat and live in a way that always me to maintain a weight that I am happy with and yet requires no dieting. I feel better at 37 years old than ever before. I can keep up with my endlessly active kids on the playground and school them on the soccer field. I now take enormous pleasure in sharing my knowledge with clients, and helping them unlock their full health potential, lose weight, and feel great about their bodies.

If you have been struggling with weight loss, emotional eating, and confidence around what and when to eat, book a free Nutrition Coaching Session. I would love to hear from you!



Jenna completed the Gut Repair program and finally got to the bottom of her bloat & digestive issues


I took the GI Effects test through Allison and finally figured out why I have felt bloated for the last several years. After 1 month of the Gut Repair program, I have seen tons of symptoms clear up, including ones that I did not realize were linked to my gut health. So happy with my results so far! 

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Susie finally lost the pesky 20 pounds that she had been unsuccessfully trying to lose.


Allison helped me tremendously in gaining more nutritional knowledge. I was looking to reduce my weight and become overall healthier. I needed the accountability and she was wonderful! In addition to our weekly appointment, I would share with her my meal pictures and she would be very honest with me if I had made healthy choices. If not, she would gently suggest a healthier alternative. She was extremely available and always made me feel valued as a client. I feel very fortunate to have worked with Allison and apply her knowledge to this day!

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Ashley lost 30lbs in 5 months following the Nutrition Unlocked Weight Loss program


I am so thankful to Allison for introducing me to the concept of mindful eating! Once I understood it and embraced it, weight loss stopped being such a struggle. What a revelation!  

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